The Underlying Problem

Partisanship and gridlock is the primary cause for our prolonged poor economic performance and growing social divide. Politics, the economy and society are so tightly bound together. Ask any employer: they simply want our political leaders in Washington to work together and set a more certain path forward. The economy is still not strong five years after the Great Recession because Washington is broken and can't fix itself. And that harms you very directly, in so many ways – your wallet, your childrens' future, your community and our society.

Running and electing the same candidates from the same parties ensures continuation of the status quo, which today is opposed by all reasonable thinking citizens. Citizens need merely ask this simple question: “How have things been going lately?” If the answer is “Great,” then one should vote for either a Democrat, or, a Republican.

Change will not come from within the major federal parties. The great party divide will only grow greater and more fierce.

It's time to elect an Independent.

Forward Together: Why I'm running, who I am, and my platform (35 page PDF or e-Book)