It's Gridlock, Stupid!

"It's the economy, stupid!" was a phrase made famous by candidate Bill Clinton in winning the 1992 presidential election against incumbent President George H. W. Bush.

"It's Gridlock, stupid!" In 2014 if you're looking for the root cause of another do-nothing Congress with a 7% public approval rating, a continued weak recovery and our growing social and economic divides, look no further. Most short, medium and long term issues impacting all our generations cannot be solved within the existing political framework. You are forgotten in their fight. Your voice is not being heard because the major parties aren't listening to you. They are out of touch with most voters. Voting for either major party’s candidate is ultimately a vote in favor of the very status quo that keeps our economy and society stalled.  We need to try new approaches. 

Currently, there are no Independents in the US House of Representatives. There should be. Chris Stockwell aims to be the first of many  Representatives who are Independent of party, and who together will form a Center Coalition in the House that will help the parties bring legislation back to the center - back to you.

It is an audacious vision for change, and it will work. Change starts with ONE. We need new approaches. The current approaches aren't working. This bold new idea helps begin to bring the change that most of us want.