Introduction – So Many Problems... Where Do We Begin?

So many things are broken in Washington, DC. Nothing gets done. 7% of Americans approve of the performance of our Congress. We can't let this go on.

Forward Together: Why I'm running, who I am, and my platform (35 page PDF or e-Book)

Of the many issues before us, Chris wants to focus on three: : (1) job creation, (2) debt reduction, and (3) ending gridlock.

1. Job creation: Chris will use his 30 years of small, medium and large company experience to help plan, package and promote the 6th District to companies across the country and the world that should be setting up shop here in Northeastern Massachusetts. Economic development has got to mean something more than landing a casino. Chris will bring his broad experience in business planning and collaboration across industries to bring business and good jobs to our communities.

2. National debt: Chris will advocate a three-pronged approach to budget balancing and long term debt reduction. These three tactics will assure that the we turn our economy around, providing opportunity for all: (1) Responsibly reduce the size of the federal government to lower our expenses (investing in more effective programs while disinvesting in others); (2) nominal new revenue inflows with receipts going directly into to a Debt Reduction Trust Fund; and most important, (3) the crafting of bipartisan legislation and policy to reduce market risk and uncertainty, showing a clearer path forward for the free market to flourish. Industry will then more aggressively invest in new markets, new products, innovation and job creation, generating stronger growth and profits, which will in turn generate additional revenue for government, moving us more quickly toward balanced budgets and substantial long term debt reduction. A combination of the three is the only truly viable path forward - (1) disinvest in what's not working and invest more in what is working, (2) set a little money aside to pay off more of our debt, and (3) work together in Washington to help free our markets to innovate. The alternative is to maintain the status quo, ultimately resulting more severe austerity measures that will be harmful for everyone.

3. Forge a new path to end the Gridlock. This is the root cause for most of our troubles as a nation. Washington, DC is broken in two (Democrat, Republican), and that hurts just about everyone except those responsible. Chris wants to help fix that. Electing INDEPENDENTS to the House sends the strongest possible signal to the parties to clean up their acts, or we won't elect their candidates.

Advocating for and ultimately resolving these three issues - jobs, debt, and gridlock - will set America back on a path to prosperity for all. Chris will work hard - at home in the District, in Washington and across the nation - to help fix what ails us most. There is a better way. Be a part of something BIG. If you believe in change, support Chris with your, time, your effort and your vote.