Personal Story

Since the economic collapse of in 2008, Chris has watched in frustration as Washington politicians and the two parties played politics and failed to address and resolve many of the the serious issues our nation faces. Though he has voted for both parties, Chris, like many Americans, increasingly felt that neither party truly represented him. The debt ceiling debacle of 2011 convinced Chris that Washington was broken. He has entered this race because he feels that the 6th district deserves a representative who serves the people, and not their own party, and America needs to find new direction.

Devoted Father. Chris Stockwell began dating his wife Joanie while they were still in High School, and over 29 years of marriage they have together raised three children, now ages 16, 21, and 23. Chris has first hand knowledge raising a family, buying and maintaining a home, trying to get ahead, supporting the community, trying to save for college and retirement... doing his level-best for his family and for his community.  Through these experiences and others, and as exemplified by his political Independence, Chris feels that he is very qualified to represent the interests of the entire 6th District better than any other candidate.

Job Creator. Graduating with his Master in Management (MBA) in 1987 from Northwestern's top ranked Kellogg School, Chris has been a full-time businessman and job creator since day one.  His thirty-year business career has brought him through a variety of industries, from professional services, to dotcom, to engineering. He has more full-time business and private enterprise job creation experience than all the other candidates, combined. Highly valuing private enterprise, innovation and entrepreneurship, Chris has spent his career helping develop startup, small businesses and larger businesses. 

Community Leader.  Chris has always played a significant and supportive role within his community.  He's been a coach for a variety of youth athletic teams in his town - he estimates the count at well over twenty teams. As two of his children went on to UMASS Amherst, Chris became even more involved in the region - as both a youth mentor for an area non-profit and a member and supporter of Essex County Community Organization, which is very active across the District, most recently in supporting the ballot initiative and passage of Minimum Wage legislation in Massachusetts. He is a faithful attendee, leader and choir member of St. Andrew's Church in Marblehead. 

Call to Action. As politicians and their parties have heightened the polarization and gridlock in Washington, so heavily damaging our economy and society, Chris has increasingly felt that neither party represents him. As critical issues like jobs, long term debt, and gridlock have been gone unresolved, Chris feels deep within him that it is time for a very significant change in Washington - change that will not come about by electing any Democrat or any Republican to Congress from the 6th District. He is running because he believes that the 6th district deserves better, America deserves better, and he is ready to do something about it.