Welcome to my Payback Ltd review today! When I learned about Payback Ltd after getting scammed online, I was very skeptical about their services.

How could anyone recover funds from an online scam? This wasn’t something I had heard before, so I wasn’t going to believe it without some due diligence. By all accounts, they appeared to be exactly what they promised, so I contacted them.

I thought this would help me get better insight and it truly did. I was truly impressed because the agent I talked to was very knowledgeable and had great skills. They sounded like they knew what they were doing.

But, what I liked about Payback Ltd was that they didn’t try to force me into anything. There was no sales pitch involved and no convincing at all. They only used hard facts and numbers to tell me what could be done.

I appreciated that they were practical and transparent and were not willing to make fake promises. It was like a breath of fresh air, so I decided to go for it. I made the decision without any pressure and it became one of the best ones in my life.

Why? It is because Payback Ltd got all my money back. It had sounded so unrealistic, but I had the money in my account. Their service is professional, honest and friendly and this is all you need when you have been scammed. They checked all the boxes and the fee was also very reasonable, considering all the effort they make.