Forward Together: Why I'm running, who I am, and my platform (35 page PDF or e-Book)

 New Vision for the 6th District and for America

I have a vision for a better tomorrow. I know that I share this vision with most of you. Together, we can help bring good governance back to Washington, DC. By electing me you will make a profound statement to this nation that you reject the status quo in Washington, DC; you reject the polarization and gridlock that is harming our nation, our communities, our businesses, families and friends. To do this, you must use your sacred right to vote Independent of party when there is a strong reason to do so and a sensible and credible alternative.

While you voters of the historic 6th District of Massachusetts set an example for many of the 434 other congressional districts in this nation to follow in 2016, I will focus my efforts on attracting new businesses to our region, and helping to create more and better jobs in the 6th District. I'll vote in favor of the strong defense of the nation and the excellent care for our veterans. I'll focus on long term debt reduction and a smaller, right-sized government. We'll focus on education, from Math and Science to English and the Arts. We'll focus on health education and financial literacy, and develop tips for leading more eco-friendly lives in our communities.

My intent is to win the vote of every reasonable and centered Democrat, Independent and Republican in the district in the November congressional election. Together, we will make a profound statement to the federal political parties that continuation of the status quo in Washington, DC is simply unacceptable. Through our collective courage we will all help change America.

Be a part of something BIG. Get involved. Thank you for your support!