Boston Globe: Rivals for Sixth District seat focus on immigration reform

Globe reports Chris' views on immigration reform, racial disparities and job creation.

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Globe Article on Independents in the 6th vastly outnumbering the parties

"The ranks of unenrolled voters in Boston’s suburbs have grown, while Democratic and GOP numbers slip"

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Salem News: Congressional candidates duke it out

DANVERS — The three candidates vying to replace John Tierney as 6th District congressman gathered for a sometimes quarrelsome debate at Danvers High School on Thursday night.

As the nasty weather continued outside, Democrat Seth Moulton, Republican Richard Tisei and independent Christopher Stockwell took the stage before a largely full auditorium to answer

questions posed by a panel composed of Christian Wade, Statehouse bureau chief for The Salem News; Jim Campanini, editor of the Lowell Sun; and Deanne Healey, director at the Peabody Area Chamber of Commerce.

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Salem News: Marblehead resident Christopher Stockwell hopes to attract independent voters in 6th Essex

Independent congressional candidate Chris Stockwell is counting on voters to fire the “shot heard ‘round the nation” on Nov. 4.

The shot, in this case, would be rejecting both the Democratic and Republican candidates in the 6th
District and sending a person to Washington who lacks affiliation and loyalty to either side of the aisle.

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IVN: Mass. Independent Candidate Chris Stockwell Lays Out Full Platform in New E-Book

Stockwell just authored the e-bookForward Together: Moving Beyond Polarization and Gridlock in Washington, DC. The introduction by journalist and
author Linda Killian describes Stockwell’s candidacy as “an effort that is worthy to be remembered.”

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Stockwell touts his campaign platform

Most Democrats and Republicans agree that we need a strong military to protect our interests at home and abroad. They can’t seem to agree on much else. 
Gridlock and polarization in Washington has kept us from full economic recovery for years now. Here’s what I’d do to improve our 6th district economy, and what I’ll advocate for to help fix our nation’s economy (and democracy).

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Why I'm running for Congress

The upcoming election for the Massachusetts 6th Congressional District needs to be about more than who will replace John Tierney. It is an opportunity to start fixing our broken political system.

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Page 1 Lynn Item: Time is right for an Independent

Stockwell said he is not concerned that he is lodged between “a couple of Goliaths” in the race for the 6th Congressional District.

“David won.”

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Chris Comments on NFL Scandals In Lowell Sun Newspaper

Calls for Removal Of Non-Profit Status (Like MLB and NBA).

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Stockwell: 'Together we will bring sanity back to Washington'

Salem News: Independent's platform focuses on job creation, debt reduction.

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