10 Reasons To Vote For Chris

1.  New approaches in Washington. The current approaches aren’t working.

2.  A candidate that Democrats, Independents and Republicans opposed to the polarization and gridlock in Washington can all  support and rally around.

3.  Chris has more full-time and hands-on small, medium and large business experience than any other candidate.

4.  More focus on important longer term issues – options to gridlock and polarization; good jobs; deficit & debt reduction, and a society united and not divided.

5.  New ideas replacing worn-out political playbooks and senseless bickering.

6.  Create a Sixth District Economic Transformation Council (6D-ETC) to package and promote the region, attracting new companies and creating more jobs.

7.  Chris will hear all sides to craft and advocate for better solutions.

8.  Strong on education: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math; Reading, Writing, and the Arts; Health and Financial literacy - for all ages.

9.  Optimistic. Inclusive. Centered. Ready.

10.  You can be a part of important and needed change that’s overdue.


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